1st Run Good Week

    • TeddyTaiwan
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      Hi all, I just started out playing poker at the beginning of this year, I was introduced to it by my cousin, who provided me a starting capital of $50.

      I started out playing slow and trying to learn the ropes. Within a month I was down to less than half of my bankroll by just playing .01/0.2 1 table each time.

      I've since hit my first run good week finally managing to place 11th and 15th in freerolls. Not a great achievement but great to actually cash in something.

      Also a great day at cash games being dealt high pocket pairs frequently and finally when calling a re raise with pocket 77s and flopping quads :] and stacking him when he turned a full house and shipped it. =)

      Been a great week and finally going to exceed my starting capital.

      thanks for reading

      Good luck at the tables.
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