Newbie at poker - furious about some hands

    • Janestudent
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      Hi guys,

      I am really newbie at poker, after studying mainly SSS NL Holdem I tried to start...well first two weeks some downs and ups...but last two days...I am furious about hands some people are playing. (Lost about 8$ during last two days from starting capital)

      First case:
      Hero: KK - I raised (about 4x BB) and only one opponent called
      Flop: 2 J 7 all different suites - I bet, opponent called..
      Turn: 5 - I bet , opponent reraised, I went All-in, opponent called
      Hands were: me KK oponnent Q2 offsuite
      Showdown and river: 2
      Opponent win all money with tripple 2.....:-(

      I went to kitchen to have a glass of cold finlandia (vodka)....

      Second case:
      Hero: AA - I raised (about 6x BB) two opponents called
      Flop: 3 Q 6 again all different suites - I bet, only one opponent called..
      Turn: 9 - I bet , opponent went All-in, I hesitated, but called
      Hands were: me AA opponnent J3 offsuite
      Showdown and river: 3
      Opponent win all money with tripple 3.....:-(
      I went to kitchen to have a two glasses of cold vodka....

      Barry Greenstien was wrong.....Ace on the river....blaahh, 2 and 3 on the river....

      Your comments are appreciated.....did I do something wrong ?

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    • byxl
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      Today I lost four out of five AA showdowns, through various games, tournaments, FLH cash games and some SNG. It happens, but if you are a newbie and not totally OK with having big swings I seriously suggest u play FLH.
    • Slimijs
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      Both of these guys are FISH and were semibluffing you, trying to represent a set. Mark them and play more hands with them.

      Also download some poker tracking software as it helps you a lot in these kinds of spots. Also you will have hand histories that you can easily copy and paste here in the forums.

      Best regards
    • Wampa76
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      Hi Janestudent,

      I have the same problem yesterday. I catch from one fish 5 bad beats. I have HM manager and saw his statistic. I played SSS. Another TAG players win with him. But when I played again him he has every time set of three of kind. I played AA, KK, AK. I lose against him 12 dollars. It was very bad day.
    • mancikaa
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      Dont worry about this, on the long term it dont counts, because of two reason:

      - your goal is to win the most money with your strong hand against weaker hands. You got your stack in good, they sucked out. You played it good.

      - these suckouts will even out on the long term: you will also suck out on others in some cases

      one thing, but i dont really know the sss rules: maybe you should get in your stack earlier with these hands
    • DocBrown112
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      Hi Jane,

      I don't really get why you are furious with the hands your opponent were playing - you should be happy!

      Most of the time you will win against this type of play and having people call to the river with bottom pair is a godsend to solid players.

      Off course it will also mean the occasional bad beat like you had, but basically I would love to get my stack in the middle with KK against Q2o or AA against J3o.

      As Slimijs states, you should mark them as "Friends" and play a lot more against them :s_cool:

      So forget about being furious - be happy and write it off as pure bad luck, and go play some more solid poker.

      Best regards
    • terpesheva
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      Read the poker mindset.
      Then, read poker mindset again.