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      Hello everyone, at first i would like to say that im not a native english speaker, so pls accept my english as it is :p

      some info about me:

      im 18years old student from Latvia(very small country in Europe), im studying computer system tehnic and i have 1 more year to study not including this one.
      hmm... i have a few hobys too, like chilling in the sun and doing w/e sport is every1 playing, and obv poker :D and ofc lets not forget music, cuz thats i think i couldn't live w/o music at all, and im talking about drum'n'bass and dubstep :f_love:

      something more about poker life:

      well i've played poker from like 16years on and off, starting from live homegames and ending with online poker,obv not under my name.
      i originaly started playing 9man turbo sngs, and i enjoyed them te most, but i was b/e at them and i don't think there is a point in playing them just to be another rakeback whore.
      So now im starting to take poker very srsly and will grind 180mans 2.20$'s on Pokerstars.
      i will have a coach that u MTsngs grinders probs know, he is Bigniux in this forum, and hopefully we both will make me just like him :f_biggrin:

      okay i think this will be enough for an introduction, and hopefully u readers will enjoy my blog :f_grin:

      i'll try to update it daily with games/graphs and stuff like that, ohhh and u will see some hot girls in here aswell when needed :s_cool:

      here is a song so it's not booring to read my story :s_love:
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