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Hi all and WOW!

    • TheDefector
      Joined: 06.04.2011 Posts: 2
      Very glad to be here peoples! And any site that is about to give me $50 free (fingers crossed validation!!) is one i definitely want to hang about for a bit.
      Just looking over the articles here is enough alone.
      Needless to say, i'm a complete amateur with only experience of poker on the xbox and i'm just making my first tentative steps in to actual online real money poker.
      Fingers crossed and good day to you all!
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    • AleksandarPPA
      Joined: 26.07.2010 Posts: 136
      go through articles like "variance" and articles like "basics" "leaks"
      learn who are tags lags etc ... and ull do good for starters and go watch some vids for training they are good... good luck sir! :s_cool:
    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Welcome TheDefector, good to see you.

      Good luck & enjoy your poker.

      Shout if there's anything we can help you with. As you've already seen, we're all really friendly and supportive here.

      Best regards,

    • ilrasso
      Joined: 05.05.2010 Posts: 49
      Im sure youll get the 50$ if u did ur part right (ie not donald ducks picture on ur ID etc.)

      If you are just starting poker take these pieces of advice:

      Consistent long term profit in online poker is not easy! A winning player will know a surprising lot about why he plays like he does in any given situation. For this reason it is advised to play the lowest possible stakes while learning how to play. Follow the bankroll management rules.

      For learning players psychological problems are often a huge factor. I do not mean in general, but poker related. Tilt, scared money, curiosity, boredom, macho ideals, altruism, vengefulness etc. are all sources of bad poker decisions. Try to analyze relevant plays with this in mind to help yourself correct these mistakes.

      Play some free-rolls. If u have time and you are not winning big on your cashgames, they can help bankroll building a bit. Also they can be a good place to make all the emotional plays i mentioned before, while not taking direct hits to your bankroll. further they can be good for practicing exploitation plays, as there will be plenty loose players. Good skills to have honed when you find drunk trigger happy rich ppl on the money tables :D

      Good luck i hope you can use this.
    • TheDefector
      Joined: 06.04.2011 Posts: 2
      Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! And especially for the tips. I have the poker bug pretty bad and now i'm going to be playing for real money i want to take it as serious as i can so all advice is very welcome.

      Thinking of playing a bit tonight. Will let you know how it goes...
    • IngridN
      Joined: 02.03.2011 Posts: 12,162
      Hi TheDefector,

      Big welcome to our community! =)

      How did your play go last night?

      You know that we are always thrilled to follow our newcomers and encourage them to post their played hands in our hand evaluation forum where our poker experts can take a look and give you a great overview on your play.

      Also, everyone here is helpful and friendly so don't be shy to ask.

      Wishing you good luck!