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    • fusionpk
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      i just fired up some sngs because i was bored of grinding cash and wanted to try them, after a little postflop pwnage i suddenly realised i dont know sng endgame!

      basically, can someone give me basic push/fold range 10bb from each position (9man) and tell me what a reg will probably be restealing ~20bb from the blinds vs btn/co. ty ty.

      I know ICM is much more indepth than this, I know a bit of MTT/MTTSNG ranges but nothing really for STT SNGs w/ no antes etc. so just some basic advice will be helpful ty ty $1 level btw

      p.s. i might not make end game, as we speak someones not believing my 3b's and flopping straights vs my AA :(
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    • Navrark
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      There are charts in the Bronze section for basic push fold.

      In my last two games I ran TT into KK and then JJ into AA. Good times!