11+1 turbo sngs at titan ? brm ?

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      hi there :)
      first a short summary of my poker "career": i played fixed limit up to 3/6 (basically playing 2/4 and shotting 3/6 if there was a good table availabe). furthermore i tried the sss and played it up to nl200.
      a view weeks ago i cashed out nearly my entire bankroll (all but 1000$) due to personal reasons. i received a 200$ bonus by partypoker and cleared it playing nl100sss maybe having the biggest upswing of my life. so i was up to about 2300$ or something... i cashed out again everything but 600$ (reason was that i received a really good offer by my bank (%) but i had to give them a bit more money ^^). maybe not the smartest thing i´ve ever done in my life but it happened... so br down to 600$

      after that i was a bit bored of playing fl and sss (and underrolled ^^) so i started to play some low buy in mtts (just for fun) and got very lucky again. well now my holidays are over and i can´t play mtts anymore because i can´t handle to sit in front of my pc until 3 a.m. when i have to go to university at 7 a.m. (obviously).
      so i tried some 6,5$ turbo sngs at stars. of course i read all the articles first and practised a lot with the icm trainer... also i watched most coaching videos and some live coachings. until now i only played 30 sngs (no sample size at all, i know...) with a roi of 25 or something (samplesize ^^). br = 976$

      now my questions: right now it´s a lot of fun for me to play sngs but i received a reload offer by titan poker and would like to clear that bonus (ps.de bonus also waiting for me)... the problem is that titan only offers "normal" 5,50$ sngs and turbo 11$ sngs. i would REALLY prefer to play the turbo sngs. i know that my bankroll is big enough to play the 11$ ones but i really don´t want to play there if i don´t see an edge. so how tough to beat are the 11$ sngs at titan ?
      how many 6,5$ sngs should i play until i can move to the 11$ ? i have two days left to get that bonus. also i´m still a bit scared because of my bankroll. i had a very conservative brm at fl and nl sss and i was a bit scared when i read that boku (german sng player) had a 40-50 buy in downswing while playing sngs :P
      also i saw that the turbo sngs at titan have 4 min blind levels... so i think the variance will go up right ?

      mh i think i wrote a bit too much... just wanted that everybody understands my situation :)
      thx for any answers
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