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Hi im new to this place and have just started using the forum.

Im looking for $340 to play 18 and 27 man $3.40 sng's on Pokerstars which I will sell 10 blocks for $34 each with no limit on blocks per person, im a successfull player at this limit and have built a roll from $50 to $1k the last 3times so its safe to say I can excercise very good brm, my username on stars is c_gillott1 and you can see where i have used good brm and where i clearly havent lol.

Basically i got my starting capital from PStrategy and am playing NL2 on tilt but want to also start a roll on PS for sng's ONLY, I have finished in the battle of the planets leaderboard top 10 3times and am a well known and trusted member on the newcastle poker forum knickname MACHINE where I have been staked similair before.


Ideally all money will be split 55/45 in backers favour after stake has been given back also and this will be a 3month contract from the day that all monies are recieved.

My realistic aims would be to acheive a min of 1k but its better to just play a certain amount of volume and that volume would be 1000 games within the 3month and if the 1000 games isnt met by me all money would be returned to my backers ALL money.

I know I dont have any reputation on here but can guarantee my trust and commitment, I also use Table ninja and HEM and regulary post HH's to improve my game and I have to be honest I really cant afford to do this myself due to family life lol. I will also turn my fpp's into tickets to use towards buyin and profit.

Terms can be discussed thanks.