Ppoints question.

    • fruktpuff
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      So, I haven't really played much on PP, and when I did it was SnGs.

      I got this $75 no-depo bonus and figured i'd run a freeroll for a few dollars, start from there.

      So assuming I'll be stuck at microstakes for a good portion of the 30 days to release, how many PP over what span of hands on micros are easy to get?

      I know it's a vague and dodgy set of questions, but it's 150pp/$15 increment, so probably aiming for only partial release, just wanting to know how viable it is on micros.
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    • Bendafatman
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      its not advisable playing NL2 as it takes years to even get 1 point. I was multitabling 6 tables for an hour and managed to get around half a point.

      Meanwhile, the 10seater Sngs Turbo are $1, and you get 0.4 points. If you last to the end, they last about 20mins. So you can probably do 16 an hour? :)