how long should I wait my TAF account recover?

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      The payout request was denied.
      You are currently not allowed to request payouts. Please contact our customer support with any questions you may have.
      about 3 days ago a phone call from Gibraltar (korean pokerstrategy manager) and he said my taf account recover gonna take several days.

      and I sent ticket when 4/1/2011 and recived answer I have to wait few days........And then it will be automatic recover.....

      But after recive ticket a week my taf payout is still denied..
      After recive phone call from Gibraltar(korean pokerstrategy manager) 3days pass still my TAF payout is denied :(

      How long should I wait more to recover my taf account?

      a week? a month? or forever? becuz it make me feel anxious I really want to know......

      I want recover my Taf account(for payout possible) and want to refer ppl to pokerstrategy as many as please help me....

      p.s. sorry about my bad english becuz I'm korean.
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