I admit I was a total fish when I start playing poker with the 50$ on full tilt. I blew away all my stack over about 3 months to just about .70$. Yesterday I was able to get a few lucky hands and made it back to 2$. I decided to use 450 of my ftp to buy 2 daily dollars. After a grueling 5 hours and 30 minutes I was knocked out with 9$ winnings ,2.50$ for my first ticket, and than 6.50.
I feel that many have had the same experience with losing most of the 50$ starting capital ,but I feel that it has made me a stronger player by losing most of it. I would say that after about losing half my bankroll I was running quite badly I have a graph from poketracker 3 ,but am unsure how I would post it could someone help me with that??