Hai there.

    • byOctive
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      So I finally joined.
      Took me a while! I've heard so much about this site and how it can help you get your poker roll started.

      I've been been depositing small amounts ($5) once in a while on the course of a year and I've just gone busto all the time. Mainly because I didn't know what I was doing.

      Recently I started getting into poker again but I didn't want to deposit again. Knowing that I would go busto if I didn't learn anything. So I remembered this site. I went through the beginner articles to get the test done and holy crap! I learned so much.

      So just today I got my $50 and I was really nervous to play it. Cause I'm still "green behind the ears" after the beginner articles, but I played and once in my life I'm up a couple of dollars thanks to the decisions I made based on the articles and the starting hand chart.

      The starting hand chart by the way is really hard to follow when you're playing, so sometimes I auto-fold while looking at the chart. I hope I can just memorize it with time.

      Anyway. I don't want to make this super long so I'll just say thanks and hello!
      And heres to hoping I don't go busto again!
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    • IngridN
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      Hi byOctive,

      Big welcome to our community! =)

      Great introduction and I am thrilled to follow your progress.

      As you can imagine, every player struggles with the starting hand chart in the beginning. You'll just have to find the best way that fits you to help you memorize it.
      And once you found it, you could let us know ;)

      Where are you planning to play and whats your game?