[NL2-NL10] A-Q on the button

    • Roya1flush
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      Hi guys another thing i would like some feed back on..

      Playing NL 2/4 on Mansion...

      I am on the button with A :spade: Q :spade:

      MP1 Raise to $15, MP 2 Called and MP 3 raised to $35 and i decided to muck my hand...

      If i am correct then this would be the correct play right because i cannot call with this hand as there is two raises in front of me...

      And another thing say if i had the A :spade: K :spade: on this instance would a re raise be the correct play or just a call to see the flop or just simply fold??

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    • sw0ldo
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      Id muck the AQ and be tempted to call with the AK.
      Overplaying AK is a big mistake (for me at least)
    • finchybg
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      As far as I have seen on poker shows, tight players(for instance Doyle and Barry Greenstein) are insta-fold with AQ after a raise and a reraise. It's just a hand that may get you in a lot of trouble even if you hit an ace or a queen, I guess..

      As for AK, to my mind call is the best option, because if you re-raise you will often be pot commited and invest your whole stack - and in the majority of the cases you will be like 50:50, but often - dominated by aces or kings. So I vote for call only.
    • Riverman1984
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      Fold AQ and AK. If you call with MP1 and MP2 are getting great odds and you end up 4 handed with AK or AQ in a reraised pot...
    • Cojack123
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      Aq is always a fold
      Ak is sometimes right to 4 bet/push in very specific
      situations if both Villains are regular Tags who
      are squeezing and 3 betting a lot.
      But only in short handed games.

      At 10 max Tables it is nearly always wrong.