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math preflop

    • juno82
      Joined: 14.07.2010 Posts: 16

      I have been using the sng wizard to learn when it is profitable to shove, reshoving and calling preflop. the wizard tells me what ranges my opponents has to have to make it +ev

      But i need help with other preflop stuff.

      When can i steal, meaning that i intend to fold if i get reshoved

      When can i steal with the intention to call some players if i get reshoved on and fold to others

      when can i 4bet shove ( for value or bluff)

      when can i 3bet with the intention of folding to a 4bet

      What ranges does my opponents have to be on to make this plays +ev
      Is there any poker tool that can calculate this
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    • dubadal
      Joined: 05.09.2008 Posts: 263
      I'll do the obvious and suggest reading Harrington on Holdem. It's got everything if you are more a TAG.
      From a fresh perspective, "Kill everyone" gives an interesting input into what new age players are are raising/re-raising with. Rather LAGgy, but definitely can be used to differentiate your game.

      And then there is the starting hand chart:

      And a couple good videos:

      Besides that: make notes and gather data on your opponents. Stay awake in hands when you dont play and observe what they show on showdown vs what they did preflop.

      If you use some tracking software like Elephant, then it can help identify ranges of villains as well as well as their fold to 3-bet, giving up blings etc.

      Depending on stage of tournament re-stealing is best done from late position against raisers from mid-late positions. Typically you would bet 3-4x initial raise. If you stack is between 10-20BB you can consider shoving as well.
      If there is a 4-bet or re-shove, then again depending on situation you might want to fold everything except QQ+ and maybe AKs. Depends on your style, image and opponents image. And stacks.

      Also, if you get into a tough spot, copy the last hand log and post it in hand evaluation forums! You will be abused and educated by regular trolls there.

      Kidding. just helpful education :)

      GL with tournaments and remember to follow rules of Bankroll management!

      P.S. sorry for no math, but it's tough to provide numbers without actual examples, ergo - books have :f_biggrin: it.
    • juno82
      Joined: 14.07.2010 Posts: 16
      thanks for the reply, it was worth the wait