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Anoying WH (ipoker) bugs! Any solution?

    • gnais
      Joined: 13.06.2010 Posts: 2
      Im multitabling in WhilliamHill, and there are couple things withs that soft, makes me mad! Befor writing to (i dunoo, playtech, ipoker?), thought, some forum adapts can help to solve those, by modding client:

      1) Its my move, but i am on another table (or under table, might be too) and there is lovely "bing" sound, to get my attention to my move. Frickin 4 seconds (WH seconds is like what, one half of real life seconds) before my hand gets autofolded! Its just enought to bring up table to see my AK been folded! Any way to increse that time?

      2) I seat at new table, its my time to put blinds, and gorgeos WH software affers me kindly do that automaticly every time. YES/NO and "Dont show this popup again!" Of course, do not shove EVER again in my life [check]. Not in this sesion, not in next, and not tomorow. No wait... I want to see this popup on table #4 and #7 however! Please, keep bugging me on those tables dear WH till my eyes bleed!

      I must click on every godam table. Not just click on YES, i must chech the box also! Same crap if i sitout. Same, if autorebuy got no any money from cashier! I must chech every table, every day! Thanks god, just once per table, phee! For love of all gods, can we crack that off??? Please!


      And there are more:

      3) While mooving trough lobby, last thing im interested is to check, if desired table on the loby not one of 10 i am sitting already! I this so hard to highlight tables where i am sitting!!

      4)Why da hell i need to see "beginners" tables in lobby? I can not sit there for an ages now! However, seeking fast for a table in loby while multitabling, i often try to open those, to get announcement "this is reserved for godamn beginners only!" Such anoyance! Filter seems not to be solution there!
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