consecutive bad days

    • EsarcWinterz
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      Hi Poker strategists..

      Just want to inform you guys that I've been facing some really intense bad beats and running even worse when it comes to playing solid poker. Its been 3 days and it seems like everytime I hit a good hand some loose players always tend to hit their hands on the river, or hit runner runner nuts everytime I have had the hand until the turn. I've suffered pretty bad and study my leaks as well. Does anyone have some good tips for someone with my bad luck. I'm really trying to overcome this downswing and it's not working.
      I know the game comes with ups and downs, but I have been overcoming a downswing just about a month ago, and now its all going back to what it was. examples, AA & KK busting on rivers. Flopping sets and sucking out, etc..
      Any tips for such bad runs?
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