Forgot to put in bonus code

    • rocko27
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      Hey, i went through the thing and when i was making my account, i had it almost done then got distracted. when i realized what i was doing i thought it was all filled out so i hit enter, but then i realized that i never put the bonus code in.

      whenever i go to talk to the support chat at william hill, i can send them messages but i cannot see the messages they send me back. i hear the noise it makes but the chatbox is empty.

      i was just wondering if i could still get the bonus cause it would suck if i couldnt.
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    • Wekkerton
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      Hello Rocko27,

      I basically did some sort of same thing.
      What William Hill did for me is closing my account I had thusfar made.
      I simply had to make another account.

      They were very friendly, and helpfull.

      (Still waiting for my 50$ to be dropped in my account tho, but thats another story.)

      Good luck!

      Thumbs up!
    • rocko27
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      the thing is when i try to talk to them on their support chat i cant see anything they say ! i can send messages and i can hear them send one back but the screen is blank...i told them to email me but they never did
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi rocko27,

      Sorry to hear you've had technical problems trying to contact William Hill on the chat facility. I would recommend that you try to contact them by a different method (maybe email) as they will be the only ones that can help you with your query.

      A quick search of their website and I came across this which I hope will help you:

      Contact Us

      Do you have a question or comment about the William Hill Poker Room? With our 24/7 customer support you can :

      * Browse our Interactive Library of members' questions and answers
      * Email our dedicated Customer Service team -
      * Call our UK free phone - 0800 085 6296
      * Fax us on +44 (0) 114 2406912
      * North America free phone - 011 800 3551 3551
      * International Freephone Variations
      Best regards,