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Video Discussion - Is Trash Talking a Strategy?

    • DanielUK
      Joined: 08.11.2010 Posts: 91
      This week we take a look at an interesting video from The Big Game. Tony G trash talks his way into making a dodgy call and then gets Doyle Brunson to stack-off drawing dead.

      What do you think of this hand? Do Hellmuth, Tony G and Doyle all make dodgy plays? How bad is Tony G's pre-flop call?

      Do you trash talk at the tables or abuse the chatbox? Do you think this gets you paid off in spots where you may not have otherwise. Does it tilt you when others give you verbal grief?

      Talk about the hand, trash talk, tilt and more right here.

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    • luizsilveira
      Joined: 27.11.2010 Posts: 2,320
      TonyG is disgusting but I didn't see anything wrong enough with the trash talk from him... Helmuth's was worse, but anyway Doyle is not exactly a beginner so I don't think he would let himself carry away so easily by some trash talk at the table - it's not like he never saw it before :s_biggrin:

      If in the place of Doyle it was sitting a complete amateur... well then we might find some talking a bit more unethical.

      My 2c
    • sindeon
      Joined: 20.10.2010 Posts: 133

      trash talking should be considered as a strategy (or at least as it´s important part), especially if we are talking about mighty TonyG. But in this case, I don´t think it made Burnson to call, he is well exerienced to be tilted with stuff like this and he was just convinced he had better hand then Tony imo.
      I really like this show because of Tony and Phil´s mutual trash-talking fight. But the whole table was mocking Phil´s all-time-limping style...and ofc his PEMM (Positive, Exercise, Moment and Meditation). "OMG, he forgot his life-mantra!" :f_biggrin: Very funny show.
      And about that "TonyG is disgusting" thing. I think it´s the matter of point of view. And I do respect this opinion. But if I should compare Tony and Phil, I really don´t like "poker brat". They both are big trash talkers and entertainers, but there is also a big difference between them - if Tony is defeated, he can handle it, if it happens to Phil, he start to spread all the f-words around, insulting players at the table and feeling very aggrieved. That´s I don´t like, but I do respect him for his great former achievements.

    • MarcPS
      Joined: 09.11.2010 Posts: 1,077
      I love TonyG, I think he's great for popularising poker amongst people who 'passively' see episode of The Big Game/other poker show on TV.

      I also think here though that Doyle didn't get 'tilted' into calling, he just knows that Tony's range there is incredibly wide when he shoves in the dark.
    • Steelbrewer
      Joined: 22.04.2009 Posts: 580
      Trash talking, nad table talk overall is a part of the game. For some people it is easier to talk during the hand so that the opponent can't pick a read out of them and to get some info from opponent yourself, apart from Tony G other people do pretty good with table talking: D. Negreneu, Phil Laak, Jamie Gold. For some people talking at the table is just easier than keeping poker face on all the time. Some players talk a lot at the table but get serious when in a big hand > M.Matusow.
      In this hand Tony G made a mistake pre flop, but after the flop he played it pretty well, going all in in the dark was a right decision, because next cards could scare Doyle away from commiting any more money, imagine Tony G just cold calls and shuts up and that King falls on the turn, there is no way Doyle will be willing to stack off with his 1010 with such scenario.
      Trash talking got Tony G in trouble on the same Show when he overplays his boat vs Rousso.
    • dubadal
      Joined: 05.09.2008 Posts: 263
      definitely tilted from talking and wanting to shut TG up.TG insta called flop and pushed turn in the dark? doyle wanted it to be a bluff and to call it...
      and yes, talking works miracles, especially when playing with people who don't know your style.