I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.


I am a fairly new member to this community, and due to that, before asking for a larger stake, I think I should start with a small order to help build confidence around my play. I have never been staked before, but by looking over the more successful players threads, I believe I have figured it out pretty well. For a quick poker background on me, I have been playing competitively for almost a year, but play live a lot more then I do online.

Feedback Thread: dahobo Feedback Thread

Poker Rankings: http://www.officialpokerrankings.com/pokerstars/dahobo85/poker/results/64FC22A69E8A4853A1A4F0FB4B44EACF.html?t=2

What you would be staking:

I am looking to find a staker for (10) $3.25 SNG's on Pokerstars. I will play either 45 man, or 90 man. I feel confident in both, so if you have a preference I will follow that.

I will pay the registration fee on all tournaments (10x.25=$2.50), so this staking will be for $30 total. I will sell this in either one share of $30, or two shares of $15, and will offer 65/35 in favor of the stakers.

If I only sell one $15 dollar share, I will still play out the 10 SNG's, and just pay the other $15 myself. If you have any questions of comments, feel free to contact me.

For reference, my Pokerstars user name is dahobo85

Thank You.