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[NL2-NL10] NL6 SH - Straight Flush for value

    • luizsilveira
      Joined: 27.11.2010 Posts: 2,320
      Howdy ho.

      So I usually post hands I lost for evaluation, now I thought about posting one I actually won. I had a pretty good session today, made two straight flushes (yup, that's right, two in a day) and ended some 5BI up.

      This villain is a complete idiot. He has VPIP of some 85%, min-raised every hand pre-flop, and is simply put the biggest bluffer I've ever seen, both in quantity and bluff sizes.

      BUT he had a huge stack because he either got lucky (he rivered me twice, once for a very big pot) or people just folded to his insane bets.

      Considering his behaviour, I tried to adapt. Since he was playing many hands, and often other players were loose too and pots multiway, I started playing hands that could flop monsters, as I knew he would pay me out. On the other side, hands like AJo were simply trash, as flopping a pair was not often enough to beat him/call him down.

      Anyway, here is the hand:

      Pacific Poker - $0.06 NL - Holdem - 5 players

      Hero (BB): $20.94
      UTG: $6.11
      CO: $6.00
      BTN: $10.34
      SB: $27.67

      SB posts SB $0.03, Hero posts BB $0.06, CO posts DB $0.06

      Pre Flop: ($0.15) Hero has 8:diamond: T:diamond:

      fold, CO checks, fold, SB raises to $0.12, Hero calls $0.06, fold

      Flop: ($0.30, 2 players) 7:club: 9:diamond: J:diamond:
      SB bets $0.06, Hero raises to $0.18, SB raises to $0.30, Hero raises to $0.84, SB calls $0.54

      Turn: ($1.98, 2 players) Q:diamond:
      SB bets $1.98, Hero raises to $3.96, SB calls $1.98

      River: ($9.90, 2 players) 7:spade:
      SB checks, Hero bets $5.00, SB calls $5.00

      Hero shows 8:diamond: T:diamond: (Straight Flush, Queen High) (PreFlop 35%, Flop 96%, Turn 100%)

      Now.. we were both VERY deep (only reason being for me to be playing T8). When I flopped nut straight+flush draw I thought: jackpot. So I wanted all money in OTF. How are my raise sizes? I could have raised more his (standard for him) minbet, but I think it worked fine against him as he 3bet (standard for him as well). Then I put a roughly 3x 4bet, I don't know if I should have put more.

      And the beauty comes in the turn. And he bets pot size onto me!

      Now... this is a spot he would bluff quite frequently. BUT I thought he might actually have the nut flush, which would of course be amazing for me.

      Question: should I have just called, to drive him to bet again river (which I'm 99% sure he would) and then raise his ass off on river?

      OR should I have raised more (to like 3x)?

      I thought if he had a high flush he would bet river anyway, regardless of my raise. Or he might even put it in OTT.

      If he didn't have the flush yet but had something like the Ad, I thought the min-raise would be pretty hard for him to let go, while juicing a bit more the pot for the river bet.

      Now... on the river, he checks (not at all usual for him). I though about for a while on the value bet size... and came up with 1/2 pot, which at that point was almost a full buy-in (some 85BB). He called, which was sweet, and I kept wondering if I could have been greedier and bet more, especially considering villain. OR if 1/2 is even too much, considering the pot was huge, and I should have bet something like 1/3 to make sure he would call.

      I don't know, would love comments.

      By the way, to see $1 go away in rake just made me sick. Some 17BB :(

      Just a post scriptum: of course the lucky-maniac-donkey wouldn't last much with his money. It was pretty sad to see him with all happy with a stack of 5BI and then lose it all somewhat quickly in all kinds of donkeyness until he went all-in for like 1$ and even that he lost. Since it was a webcam table, actually seeing him and his face was a bit sad. But just a bit, as I confess I was pissed off for the two donkey rivers he had given me before, which had cost me more than $10. :f_mad:

      (edited typo)
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    • veriz
      Joined: 20.07.2008 Posts: 65,504
      Hello luizsilveira,

      Flop: Yeah, I would definitely make it bigger my 1st raise since we are that deep and better to extract value from him, ~$0,40. And over his 3bet I would do it as well bigger like $1,20.

      As played
      Turn: Since we have pretty the nuts and he is still even betting pot I would consider doing it as well bigger so that we would be even able to ship it on river, ~$6-7.
      River: And bet for value and you might even consider shipping here a well since if he has some kind of FH he is going to pay us anyways. But rather just raise more for value which was the worst mistake you did on early play. Although your value-bet is fine as well $5+.

      Best regards.