[Application] PokerStars micro mtSnG - w/ 50 BI

    • intercect
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      I recently busted my account, after participated in the $1k Super Tuseday. obviously not on purpose, i was very tired and thought that it was a fpp tourney. Well. That pretty much ruined me, and i spewed the last hundred bucks away. Now, a couple of days after i ofc feel pretty terrible about it, therfore my stake-bargain. The deal is that the staker sends $50 to me @ PokerStars, wich im suppose to play $1.2 mtSnG (18, 27, 45 and 90-mans).

      He takes %70 of all the winnings, until i have made $200 on it.

      I am a LAG, but while i am masstbling mtSnGs on micros i am a very tight, aggresive player.

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