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    • roopopper
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      lol wish i could play chess!! Do you want any lessons management...robotic dancing.....? :P

      Roo :P
    • LordPoker
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      Why does it have to be a titled player?

      I mean i am 2200 and no Title but a trainer license thou =)
    • Salivanth
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      An FM requires an ELO rating of 2300. IM and GM naturally have higher requirements, but 2300 is the minimum for what Rainman is asking for.
    • Dublimax
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      That could be an interesting deal. :D

      I am a FM (max rating 2325) and I used to give private and group coaching in the club I was playing for. I have kind of stopped playing competition for a while now but I am sure I could help!

      What is your rating? Do you have any specific areas of your game that you want to improve?

      I am gonna add you in the community and we can chat about it on skype anyway.

      as for poker I am playing NL50/100 SH and would be happy to trade chess to poker lessons, could be fun!

      What Limits/stakes are you playing and what do you usually coach?
    • RainmanTrail
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      Hi guys, thanks for all the replies, sorry I haven't gotten back to anyone yet, I lost track of this thread.

      I shouldn't say that it must be a titled player, but I am interested in learning from someone that is very very good, not just from someone that is better than I am. I am very new to chess, I don't even know any of the openings, but I believe I can be a titled player with proper training. I don't know what my rating is, but has a chess mentor training program and a tactics trainer program both of which place me in the low 1800s. I'm interested in learning the fundamentals of good position, pawn structure and end game strategies. The main reason that I wanted my coach to be titled is that I don't want to develop bad habits. I am considering pursuing chess quite seriously, we'll see how much time I have to put into it.

      PM me if you're interested, or you can also contact me on Skype @ tj_trail