Could get busy round here !!!

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    • Targetme
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      why americans cant play here anyway
    • roopopper
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      Originally posted by Targetme
      why americans cant play here anyway
      a lot of players are withdrawing funds from tilt and ps so they are gonna want to play somewhere while this blows over
      I hope this helps give party a boost as its been really lame with not enough players and far too much waiting time to play at a table

      Roo :P
    • belayd
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      I concur with roo. If, as I expect, both Stars and FT go bust, Party will be a logical destination for European, Asian, African and South American players to go. Not to mention Canucks like me, because Party is extremely welcoming and friendly to Canadian players.

      My Party account is currently empty because I cashed out in order to play on other sites, but it would take me 30 seconds to log on and make a deposit by EFT, and the funds would be available instantly. I'll be monitoring how busy Party is carefully over the next couple of weeks, and if there is a steady increase in activity levels, I'll be playing there again. I quit only because the cash tables died at certain times of day that were ideal times for me to put in my sessions. With an expected influx of fresh blood, there should be action around the clock.