SS on SH tables?

    • bjela
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      first of all, I know why I shouldn't do it, so I don't need that answer :tongue:

      What I need you guys to tell me if it can be done. I play on party, and during the day (the time I can mostly play), there are not enough full ring (20bb min) tables on NL4 and NL10, for which I am bankrolled. And there are more then enough of SH tables at those limits.

      I know what your first idea would be - MSS. But I don't like it. I tried it and had a profit over ~10k hands, but I just don't like it.

      Of course I thought about switching to BSS, but at this time I am trying to clear a bonus and playing 1-2 tables at NL2 while studying a lot doesn't seem like a best option.

      And if it can be done, what kind of charts would I need to use, definitely looser that SHC for FR, but how looser?
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