I'm slowly going nuts over bad beats.

It seems to me, when i look back at my hands (on poker tracker), that the poker Gods are picking on me. I can find lots of hands where I am 75% in front yet loose. In many 80% or more untill the river.

There always seems to be an ace when i don't want to see one and never when i do. Single card flushs or runs apear to be the norm.

Finding hands where I came from behind is a much harder job. Seems to me about 5 to 1. Am i misunderstanding something here?

What I'd like to do, to put my mind at rest, is use poker tracker or some other program to check (without my bias seaching) exactly what the numbers are.

Can i check this on tracker? if so, some simple instructions would be very much appreciated.



P.S Sorry to hear what's happened to you guys in the US. Time to grab that flag of yours and stick it up some butts over there. Maybe just the poll.