Bankrolls of non-US players?

    • klimbo
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      What do you guys think about bankrolls of people not located in the US? I suppose if FTP & PS get seized or shut down by the US government everyone will be screwed. Opinions?
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    • diamondMKD
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      I do not think that non-US players will be affected. I am from Europe and i have not broke any law by playing online poker at FTP. I think if FTP gets shut down for good (which i do not think will ever happen) i think we will get notifications that we will have to withdraw our remaining funds and life goes on. This might affect US players, but Europeans and people from other parts of the world should be good. I am not worried about bankroll at all, so i think you should not be as well....unless you live in USA :tongue:
    • jonnyjm
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      Everyone will be screwed. Doesn't matter who's money it is and where there from. Bottom line is it's in one of the poker sites bank accounts in america which makes it accesable to the FBI.
    • LgWz
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      They won't be shut down.
    • Hlynkinn
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      Originally posted by LgWz
      They won't be shut down.
      they might shut down
    • diamondMKD
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      FTP will not go down and there is no chance everyone to be screwed...just wait and you will will be paid, someone might get jail time and poker will still be played....i do not understand this mass hysteria right now....your money are safe and that`s it.
    • paulkitchen
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      Most of us monkeys on here only have a few hundred dollars in there anyway ;)

      Seems very unlikely the site will shut down. I think we give FTP a few more % equity by thinking positive :D