withdrawal requirements

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    • IngridN
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      Hi dotarian,

      I have moved your thread to our Full Tilt forum and hopefully you'll get an answer faster here. However, I will look into it as well.

      I suggest you contact our customer support and see if they can give you information quicker.

    • MarcPS
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      Hi dotarian,

      As far as I remember, you just need to have a succesful deposit history. This generally means that you've played some hands (earned 100 FTP - not a hard figure, don't quote me on that!), made a deposit with the payment method that you're planning to cash out to and so on.

      I'll ask around and see if I can get you a better answer than that, though.


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    • dotarian
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      well my withdraw was declined today and the answer being like i was expecting that i cant withdraw transfered money, that i needed to use the money to play or send it back, now the question is how much do i need to play before i can withdraw? i cant send it back coz the guy owed me this money... from my experince i think its something like i need to wager the same amout but im not sure thats why im asking to know when i go there to grind it out to know for sure...