2+0,2$ HU SNG worth playing?

    • Toothless32
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      Hi, I am relatively new to poker, built my bankroll from starting 50$ to ~115$ on PS playing shorthanded NL2. I Found these games a bit boring, so I tried different games and I think that HU is the game i would like to play. Although it might seem like a weird question I would like to ask if it is possible to start on 2+0,2$ SNG, or if its much better to wait, build BR and start on higher games with less rake. I know that good HU player wins like 55-60% of games, but this doesnt apply to lowest stakes right? I mean the players there seems really really bad and it should be possible to beat the limit even though the rake is 10%...
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    • pavels4444
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      the rake seemed a little high to me, so i play 4-man heads up (2 dollar), where the rake is just 10 cents or 9 cents (turbo). The winner takes all 8 dollars. They seem easy to beat in a long run. I had a sick run one day last week when i beat 6 of them in a row.

      Its up to you, if you like HU, you should start at the lowest limits with your bankroll and thats the $2