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      As of right now I am still receiving info on this but will provide you guys with what I have.

      With the events on Friday I think (because I have not found one yet thats not frozen) that all payment processors accounts are frozen till next week when the DoJ starts to work again. As of right now PS is taking cashout requests and approving them and has all intentions of giving you your money. With all the accounts being frozen they are unable and probally best not too, send the money to the processors. So as of right now all this money is just sitting doing nothing and waiting for the payment processors to open again.
      (PS keeps to the same line of that its because of the amount of requests that prevents them from cashing people out.)

      Thank you for your email. We appreciate your concern.

      Cashouts will be processed as soon as possible. As you can imagine, we have may cashout requests at the moment so we are very busy but they will be processed as soon as possible.
      PokerStars is owned and operated by a legal entity licensed and located in the Isle Of Man (a crown dependency of the United Kingdom) and we pride ourselves in abiding by all relevant laws and regulations. The current situation about which you have inquired only impacts US Players.

      PokerStars will continue to offer its services to all other jurisdictions. As we are not a law firm, it is difficult for us to advise our customers as to the legal situation in every jurisdiction, however the recent change is not targeted in any way at your jurisdiction.

      Most importantly, rest assured your funds are safe with PokerStars. We will keep all of our players up-to-date with any future developments.

      We sincerely appreciate your understanding and concern, and thank you for choosing PokerStars.


      My suggestion is: cancel your withdrawl and play with the money. If PS goes bankrupt or is takin over by the DoJ then you have got no chance of getting your money for a while. If you loose your money(BR) then you can rebuild somewhere else but I would feel better going out fighting(playing) then just having the money sit there. Also if we do loose are money( for me would be 50% of my BR) then we now can see how good we really are @ poker. Good players will rebuild, bad players will eventualy give up.

      Like to hear what other think and will update later again.
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