[NL2-NL10] set vs set did i play correctly

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      Hey everyone I just sucked out one player with a full set on river. Sry for not posting the hand history I just found out how to save it. Well the game is NL10 shorthanded. The guy on my right raises preflop I have pocket 88 so i call. his stack is 10$ and he makes a lil raise. Other player calls too. The flop comes 89A the villain(right?) raises i call with the idea to slowplay and get the rest of his remaining stack (if he has something) after he's pot commited the other limper reraises the first raiser folds I reraise she reraises an i'm all in. She shows 99 and i get 8 on river. I guessed that she has set but wasn't up to throw set. Did i play correctly. I'll post the scrshot coz i guess i didn't explain everything ok.
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