Im new feisty, and cant wait to hit the tables

    • doitagainchip
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      Hello there. my name is james, im 18 years young. out of college, looking to get into work. But i am fascinated by poker. i wake up, and feel the tables calling me everyday. i want to make my living from this game. be the best crush my opponents and walk away with the biggest slice. so if you dont mind. Id like to discuss strategy, share wins losses and overall make some friends who have the same passion as i do. im so new to the site iv just taken my first part of the quiz. (i knew i would get something wrong!) but i have studied poker for a while and i think i got 60% of my questions correct. so im going to get back to the lessons, learn some tips. And hopefully get grabbing some juicy pots.
      Thanks so much for reading my little dream.
      If you have any advice or tips be sure to throw it my way,
      id like my knowledge from all over so i have a sort of smoothie of tricks ;)
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    • IngridN
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      Hi doitagainchip,

      Welcome to our community!

      Awesome intro! =)

      Thank you for sharing "your little dream" with us and soon you'll see that we all have dreams similar to yours. In regards to that, we help out and share knowledge in the forum. The more you ask the better it gets.

      Its important that you don't rush and really take your time to read all basic articles in order to pass the quiz with your own knowledge. Meanwhile, feel free to share your thoughts with us if anything would be unclear.

      I'll send one of our poker expert in your way to provide you with some hot tips! =)

      Wishing you a great stay here at
    • pleno1
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      Hey doitagainchip,

      It's so important in poker to have a goal about where you want to be. It's great that you have a path to how you want to succeed but as Ingrid said make sure you walk down the path steadily and don't try to run and fall on your face.

      There is so much good material here at pokerstrategy, combine playing with our articles and videos and I can see a big gold purse at the end of the road for you!

      Looking forward to reading your strategy posts in our hand evaluation forums and hopefully within the next 12 months some posts about you in our awards and achievements forum.