Elephant on Partypoker = :-(

    • Janestudent
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      Hi there,

      I would like to ask you for help.

      My friend has an account on Partypoker and it seems that Elephant doesn't recognize his screen name.
      It works perfect with William Hill on my laptop, but on second laptop - my friend's laptop - Elephant doesn't work with Partypoker. Even when he tried to manually edit screen name, nothing happened.

      (Btw: Partypoker is english version...elephant is connected to database...when I click in Elephant to "Settings/Sites"...appears only Partypoker (0 screennames).
      Manual edit did not help.

      Any help from you ?

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    • mrk1988
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      Hey Janestudent,

      so the handhistory from partypoker is not imported automatically?

      Check the "configuration" page within the elephant for the autoimport path to the partypoker handhistory. If it's not automatically configured please add it manually.