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      Firstly I'd like to introduce myself.. name is Darren Rudolph :s_biggrin: . I am am a 25yr old South African citizen. I have been playin online poker for roughly 3years, but about 6months fulltime. I became a member of PS about 2months ago and it has really helped my game alot!

      I have decided to start a blog on my progess as i think I'd probably get some decent feedback.

      Im playing 3piggs poker, its a local microgaming room. My starting BR for today is R4530 ( $664.22)

      I currently play 100NL; 200NL cash tables,
      R8.25 (1.5k Guaranteed) and R33 (3k Guaranteed) MTT's
      *(South African Rand vs US Dollar 18 Apr 2011 - $1 = R6.82)

      I will make notes of key hands and events throughout the day and post in the evenings! I look forward to my journey with PokerStrategy!
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      Monday, 18 April 2011Today went quite well. I played 1538hands of R0.50/R1 and R1/R2 NL Holdem. I ended the day on R5093.53($748.97), so I'm up about R560($92)for the day.
      I played a total of 261 tournament hands but only managed 9th in the 1.5k.
      I went through my hand replayer and picked 4 hands i played today kicking off with AA :s_biggrin: on 200NL 6max

      1. CO (AsAd) MP raise R6, I re-raise to R21, MP calls. Flop 9c7cTs, MP checks, i bet R30 into R45 pot, MP calls, Turn 7s, MP checks, I bet R72.50, MP folds.
      2. CO (4c4s) UTG limps 80BB deep, MP limps, I limp, BU folds, SB calls, BB checks. Flop 4d2c8d, SB checks, BB checks, UTG bet R4, MP folds, I raise R14.50, UTG calls, Turn Ac, UTG goes all-in R148.34, I call, UTG shows A8o, river Ks pot R350.18.
      3. CO (8d8s) MP calls, I raise R10, BB calls, MP calls. Flop 7h9c7s, BB checks, MP checks, I bet R22, BB calls, MP folds. Turn 8h ;) BB goes all in R71.46, i call. River 3d, BB shows 6c7c. pot R229.12
      4.100NL 6maxBU (QdTs) open raise R3, SB calls, BB folds. Flop QcTd4d, SB checks, I bet R4.64, SB raises R14.64. I re-raise R47.63, SB goes all in R197.51, i go all in R62.15. SB shows AhQs, Turn 7d, River Tc, pot R226.56

      I cant wait to relax now :)
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      ;) well done...keep winning