Hi folks,

We (the Application Services team) need some hand history test data to stress our PokerStrategy.com Elephant parsers with. We also need hand histories from not yet supported poker rooms in order to evaluate the effort of implementing those parser.

Can you please send us your hand histories for all the poker rooms you play on? The played hands have to be Texas Hold'em - please send cash game hands of any kind as well as tournament hands and summaries. Those hands will be anonymised and added to our test pool - you may of course feel free to anonymise them yourself with the PokerStrategy.com Anonymiser.

We need hands for this poker rooms first:
  • 888 Poker
  • betfred
  • PKR
  • bwin
  • Ringfenced variants of the big 4 (e. g. PartyPoker.it, PartyPoker.fr, etc.)

All other poker rooms are welcome as well.

This would help us a great deal by improving the range of supported hands and poker rooms! Please send your hand histories via email to elephant@pokerstrategy.com (zipped, please).

Thank you very much