Never doing that again.

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      I don't know what came over me.

      Big downswing for $34 playing $2 per buyin.

      1 outer: 1 of them
      2 outer: at least 5
      3 outer: Many
      Backdoor straights/flushes: a few

      preflop all-ins i lost:
      KK vs AA (whatever)
      JJ vs AQ (meh)
      AK vs KJ (!!)
      QQ vs KA (meh)
      AK vs AQ (starting to bother me)

      flop all-ins:
      overpair vs set: 3 of them
      TPTK or better, loss to some draw/ 3 outer: MANY
      TPGK vs TPBK, they hit 2 pair: 3 of them
      Flushdraw/OESD vs TP, MP, Ace high: 5 of them

      So I was at $117 yesterday, about my high.

      $102 this morning
      $85 just now.

      My discipline sucks. I thought it was good, but it really sucks.

      Played Blackjack for $1. Lost
      Played for $5. Lost.
      Played for $50. Won.

      I am so effing lucky I didn't lose that one. I am never doing that again. Never ever ever ever.

      Maybe I should implement a stop/loss ratio? I didn't tilt at poker all of today, but something made me hit the BJ tables.

      No poker for two weeks. I'm not risking a tilt again.

      And I'm a bronze member again, so even better. I'm gonna avoid even reading articles etc. because it will make we want to play.

      Does anyone else here use a stop/loss?
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