Full tilit poker trafic

    • Bogdan1190
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      hy just started playing FL 0,10/0,20 on full tilit and since the US thing the volume is at around 3k people less then before and the tables are filed with TAG and regulars.

      Are the FL tables always like this on FT? i started 4 days ago. and its hardly any fish on that limit.

      If someone plays FL on FT could please tell me about the strenght of the oponents on limits like FL20, FL50 everyone playes rather thight and im curios was it like this before?
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    • XandreW36
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      No, the tables are not like this usually... It's becouse this US thing. Players on .1/.2 and .25/.50 are somewhat stronger than on the others sites , i guess, but there is plenty of good tables and bad players. At least, there was...
    • adr0001
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      After the events from USA Pokerstars has remained the room with the best traffic for fixed limit but Party Poker and Ipoker have now better fixed limit traffic than Fulltilt. I don't play limit anymore but if I would have been a limit player I would withdraw my money from Fulltilt. Why play on Fulltilt when Stars and Party have both better traffic and probably softer games?
    • Helipacter
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      According to Victoria Coren in the Guardian, Stars has suffered a 25% drop in traffic since "Black Friday" whilst Full Tilt has been hit by a massive 48% drop :f_eek: