Well this is a section of the forum I did not want to be in just yet.
Basically I have always had a real problem with tilt. I feel my tilt is to blame for why I am not a winning player.
When I tilt I turn into this moron spewtard fuckmonster that i have real troubles controlling.
When coming to this site I thought i will give this 1 last try kinda thing so I have studied hard got the free monies and I have had him under control for the last 13000 hands since I got the free money (I know this is a small sample but keeping him under wraps 4 this long is an achivement).
So anyway I went from going great as usuall moved up the limits with my bankroll and i looked like the photo under. A happy winning guy.

Then from nowhere the beast comes peaking through and really fucks me in the ass. The real me can even feel him coming through but i dont have the powers 2 stop him.
Saying this in previous bankrolls i would be on highstakes omaha tables by now or in sum daft tourney so maybe I am improving.
So anyway I just thought i would come here 2 vent some of this and all is not lost as i still have a bigger bank roll than before but I will now move down a level.

At the moment i look like this.