[Application] MTTs @ PokerStars the 21th - full stake is $168.8

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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.


      Im concider myself as a descent thinking very aggresive lag. My main game is MTTs, and the highest stakes i been regular on is the $20 games. Mostly on Full Tilt, where ive had some descent cashes (PM about username). On PokerStars ive havent won so big yet, except the $10k depsoitor freeroll, wich i shipped. And a $2.2r where i finished 6/3k. And 4 $3.3r 180man wins.

      When i got home the other week i was reeeealy tired. And drunk. Wich lead to my signing-up for the $1k supertuseday. I thought it was a sattelite, w/ Fpps, i probebly signed up for some moore spewy pro-MTTs to, beacuse when i woke up my balanced said like $250, and obv i panic-tilted it all away. Recently i got a $50 stake though, for $1.1 18mans, wich i killed pretty quickly, and could send the staker $50+$35 just after two days.

      Obv my bankroll hasnt grown big enough to play any MTTs yet, therfore my stake-bargain.

      This is the MTTs i planned to play.

      I figured we would split 30/70 to the stakers adv on all winnings wich is not finaltables. On finaltables, 5-9th place we split 40/60 to the stakers adv, and if comes 1-4th in one we split 55/45 to my adv.

      In the 180s we split 35/65, nomather what place i finish.

      $5.5 20k gtd
      $11 10k gtd Deepstack
      $22 20k gtd
      $2.2 12k gtd turbo
      $11 40k gtd
      $3.3r 60k gtd (5bi)
      $11 20k gtd¨
      $11r 75k gtd (3bi)
      $4.4 4max 1k cap 3k gtd
      $8.8 12k gtd
      $4.4 4max 1k cap 3k gtd
      $5.5 6max 7k gtd
      $4.4 1r1a (3x4+0.4 - 12.4)
      $5.5 1r1a (3x5+0.5 - 15.5)
      $4.4 180man
      $4.4 180man

      Thats pretty much it. It. Thanks guys, for reading my application! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

      And, aah yes, my feedback thread: Feedback for intercect
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