Points and rake method

    • kukkiwonBG
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      How do you get points? How are they calculated? Do you need to be in the hand to get some?

      Also, how is the rake (and the RB obv) calculated? Dealt or contributed?

      Thank you for the help :)

      Kukki :s_love:
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    • johny8984
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      not played there for a while but pretty sure you get 1 point per cent of rake you contribute and as a result i would have thought the rakeback would be the same system (may be wrong aint played there for some time and i dont have a rakeback deal with them)

      i found with pkr most players are there just for fun i found that it was noticably easier to beat nl25/nl50 (you hit a straight just push all the money in some1 will call) moved back to stars myself as its easyier to multitable or at least was i know they have updated there software since i played there
    • thazar
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      Hi kukkiwonBG

      both points and rakeback are based on the weight contributed rake.

      Best regards

    • kukkiwonBG
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      Thank you guys :f_love: