Feedback Thread: Equity with Draws

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    • jasny69
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      I'm new but after reading Harrington I have a basic understanding of pot odds, hence I scored 72%. Nevertheless I have a few questions.

      In regards to question 1, you wrote:

      You don't need an equilator for this spot. T-high will rarely be good here, so that leaves you with 8 outs for the OESD and one for the backdoor flushdraw. That means that in an ideal situation you have 9*4 = 36% equity. That will never be enough.

      Where is 9*4 coming from? I understand that 9 is number of outs, so what is 4 coresponds to?

      Also what is OESD?

      How do you estimate range?

      Question 4
      Since your opponent's bet is below potsize, you don't even need 33% equity but you have notably more. An absolutely correct call.

      Pot size is 4,95 to call cost 2, odds are 2,5:1, of course an easy call, bt my question is how do you come up with this number? 33%?

      Question 10
      I answered Fold. But question is again how to come up with that number 41,5% and how to understand it corectly?

      Thank you
    • PiersM
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      wow i scored 92% how come im not caressing a huge stack?

      i got question 6 wrong and even after reading the explaination i still think i was right.

      Anyway this is all well a good but i don't have time to make all these calculations of equity etc during a game i have this constant timer that threatens to fold for me.