Hi guys!

    • Lakeylakes
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      Im Lakey...

      I've been playing (if thats what you can call it) on stars for around 6 months now, I've had ups and downs but am back to zero now which is why I've joined here in the hope of building a new bank roll on FT with this cheeky little £50 bonus!

      Obvs I'm a little bit worried about playing on FT and Stars as a European player. But all I want to do at the moment is be at the felt so I'm trying my best to put my paranoia behind me!

      I guess one of my main questions is this:

      I've been grinding the 10c 360 man MTT on stars along with the $2 HU games.

      I have great runs on HU but then lose a few and because of my BR size quickly go broke.. Then I spend hours grinding the 10c game only to finish 9/10th and get paid off 30 - 50 c!! ( i have finished 1st a few times too..)

      Any way I guess I'm saying is it time to try som 0.2/0.5 cash games? I've been reading quite alot of poker books (my fave by far is "treat your poker like a business") and all these seem to favour cash games.

      If you do think a swap to cash games is in order are there any videos/blogs that you know off which will help me on my way?

      Thanks a bundle guys!

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    • IngridN
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      Hey Lakey,

      Welcome to our community!

      First of all, I am sorry nobody greeted you before. We missed your thread somehow :f_cry: Will you forgive us? ?(

      I'll ask our poker experts to pop by give you some sUpERFaNtAsTic advice! =)

      See you on the forum
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      Hey Lakey,

      First of all, the reason you're going broke at HU SNGs is because $2 is probably too much for your bankroll. At the micros, where rake is high, I prefer something in the region of 100 buyins for HUSNGs ideally. Especially when you're still learning the game.

      With regard to the MTTs -- well, actually, winning 3 or 5 buyins is quite nice, and so you should look at the wins in terms of buyins, and not $ figures. Since you're often finishing 9th or 10th, I would definitely suggest AaronLambert's great 'Final Table' series, to show you how to maximise your gains. The last two parts are available from Silver status.

      To help you get there profitably, I'd suggest his 180man leakfinder series. Part 1 and Part 2.

      With regard to cash games, I'm not so much the expert, being more of a HUSNG and MTT player myself. I'll ask Pleno1 to comment here though :)


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