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My name is Dorel, I am 21 years old. Play poker online for almost 5 years
Recently I lost bankrolul through a period of downswing.
I want to be stakuit for two small tournaments. To re-create my bankroll and take everything from the beginning.
:club: nick full tilt: beaubere09
:club: I want stacks for the next tournament:
:diamond: 3.3$ - 2500KO guarantee -for two entries =6.6$
Some graphics on my previous game:
:club: http://www.pokerprolabs.com/topsharkpro/...id=2&tt=1&w=256
:diamond: http://www.pokerprolabs.com/topsharkpro/...id=2&tt=1&w=256
:heart: http://www.pokerprolabs.com/beaubere09/fulltiltpoker.aspx

:spade: The investor receives the stack back + 75% Profit - 25%