hey guys, ive been learning the joys of Shorthanded no limit recently; a format I have managed to avoid for years without ever knowing why. I look forward to posting trouble hands in the hand forums at the weekend. I have next friday and monday off from work also, which is pwnage since I can grind the weekend and sunday especially without bad consequences :f_cool:

started at 10NL SH with a a deep roll ( 660 euros), got comfortable and now moving up quite quickly until I feel I have no edge just so I know what to work towards. so far I'm at 25NL and I have to say the play at 25NL is just as soft as 4NL! expecting to have a much harder time at 50NL , so will be playing accordingly. I work until 6pm each day of the week and sometimes have lots to do at home( finally sat down at pc at 8:30pm tonight) so playing small volume but often atm.

heres my progress so far: (1262 big blinds)

have read verneers uNL PDF multiple times and that has helped a lot. I also sat in a gold coaching when I had gold status, but alas my IPN acct isnt tracked to PS.com so im back to silver.

will be moving on to more material soon :)