live play: shortstack buyins question

    • belayd
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      The poker room where I want to go play $1/$2 NL live--and note I say LIVE--permits initial buyins of $100 to $350. I have next to no live experience, but online I normally play BSS and would buy in for 100 bb at the 4-cent tables. Should I change my approach when playing live? You'll understand that buying in for $4 is one heck of a lot different from buying in for $200.

      Also, I've heard that you can go to a live session with as little as two buyins and still be okay. Can some experienced live players let me know what a good buyin level is to bring to the poker room?
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    • tokyoaces
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      My absolute worst day at live NL ever was being down 3BI and being felted. So my buddy lends me another three and I lose another one of his. By the time we left several hours later I was up 2BI over the amount I brought after paying him back. (Low was -4BI and high was +2BI.)

      Generally your opponents are just so bad compared to online that you just don't need that much for a single trip to the casino.
    • pleno1
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      It obviously depends on the way you play, but the amount of hands you play is decreased phenominally meaning that the variance is obviously also cut.

      However this mgiht not be always the case, you could lose AAvKK twice in the first 10 hands online and lose 2 buyins and of course this can happen live.

      When I play live I usually like to buy in for 200bb minimum as it lets me play more flops and splash about alot whilst still being relatively deep. Like there is a case for overlimping k4s in live cash games but obviously online it would be a huge leak.