some questions

    • Tirys1703
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      1. : How should I respond to donk bet?

      example: sitNgo for 9players

      villain limps (1bb) from MP
      hero raise (4bb) w A : J : from button

      flop comes 3 : K : 9 :
      villain minimum bet (1bb)
      hero ???

      2. Should I play against chipleader?

      example: sitNgo 9players

      UTG1villain (1200)
      UTG villain (2100)
      BB villain (4200)
      SB villain (1800)
      D hero (4200)

      He plays very loose, he often call my steal, donk bet and re-raise. How shall I play?And Does he play well?Is it correct when he plays against me?
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    • pzhon
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      If you have a specific hand in mind, you should post about that in the hand evaluation forum. Please include the stack sizes and blind levels and any reads you have on your opponents and your image.

      If you have two different questions, it is usually better to post two different threads. Posting hands on the same thread may be best if you have a detailed read on a player who is important in both hands.

      Anyway, here are some quick answers to your questions.

      First, the size of the donkbet often indicates the strength of your opponent's hand, while donking often indicates that your opponent doesn't want to fold. So, you should not fold, and you should not be surprised if a moderate raise is called. Raising may still be best.

      Second, you really need to give the blinds. Whether your opponent plays well depends on your ranges, and how often his resteals or other plays work. Against another big stack who resteals often, tend to make smaller raises or push, and if you make smaller raises you have to consider whether your opponent will resteal often enough that raising with the intention of folding to a resteal is worse than folding. If so, you might tighten up a lot, while widening your raise/calling range slightly to reflect your estimate of his restealing range.