Variance on Super Turbo 300 Chips

    • ukspike
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      I haven't played poker in quite some time, originally ( a year ago) I played on full tilt, and took a starting balance and grinded up to $200.

      I recently returned to play poker, and have continued playing in the 300 chip turbos.

      A Year ago I had a 24% ROI before I stopped playing. When I came back to poker I did some rush and cash tables, odd MTT just to get myself back into things.

      I also completed FTs take 2 promotion, by the end of it I was up about $8, and I felt comfortable enough to enter the $2 300 chip super turbo tournaments again.

      Things started well and I won (placed top 3) majority of my tables, and gained a significant increase to my bankroll.

      BUT the past two days I have hit a wall, all my primary hands AK AA KK QQ JJ etc are all losing situations that I just don't feel like I should lose.

      In such my bank roll is now back down to $190 and I am starting to feel as if I am playing "wrong" and my initial game winnings were just pure luck.

      I am aware of variance and the fact that you can hit losing streaks in poker, but I have never actually experienced it, when I previously played I went to $200 without losing all that much, and kept a nice steady upward graph. Now it's nose diving.

      So I guess my question is - does anyone have any advice for this? Getting out of a losing streak, or how to cope with it so that I don't make stupid mistakes after losing 3 AA hands in a row? Should I stop playing for a few days? Should I just grind it out, and lose a few more times and hope my bad luck goes away?

      ps. I play 4 tables at a time if it's relevant.
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    • Tim64
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      4 tables should be fine - not so many you need to think about reducing to iron out mistaks.

      1. have you any available videos on STs?
      2. do you have SNG Wizzard? - great for checking ranges and improving confidence/ reducing errors.
      3. failing that, you can use hodemresources dot net

      from what i hear STs are Quite high variance - almost no oppty for post flop edge.

      Dont worry about losing with AK AA KK QQ JJ . They will almost always be the best hand in ST and you can only fold in rare bubble situations.

      if you pm me we can look to do a sweat session at some point.

    • ukspike
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      Hmm I just downloaded the SitNGo Wizard and imported my hands. Majority of the games have pretty much solid green ticks on them, maybe one or two "warnings".

      Odd game has a couple of errors, but nothing overly serious from what I can see.

      I have also been looking at some videos and articles, and taken the quizes on this site again. I have hit decent scores, but haven't played anymore poker today yet, I might give it another go later.