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rigged, or bad playing?

    • andrewkd
      Joined: 20.11.2008 Posts: 108

      Been a little while since i have been here, but i am sure that the same old poker is rigged chat has been going on, but i have a question/theory.

      This goes back to something that happened to me in my early days of poker. At a table, i, looking back on it now, completly miss-read the play that someone was making. So i pushed all in on a draw off the flop, made my hand on the river, beat him and took all his money. Well, do you think he was happy. He sat there an berated me, and me making mention of the fact that i have his money now, i won the hand, and if he was such an expert, why didn't he have my money, which in hindsight, wasn't nice, but he was being a wanker about it anyway.

      Anyway, to get to my point. Do you think that people think that poker is rigged and they are so hard done by because of plays like that. They make a play and do everything right, but because on tv, the other person folded, so the other player should too. And when they don't and they go runner runner and take the pot, all of a sudden the poker software has divided by zero and decided all of a sudden that it doesn't like them, and therefore there was a pre-meditated plan to remove all of said persons chips, the same money he should have held aside for their laundry this week. And all this occured on the back of a play that was, in theory, bad. A smart player would have folded, but this new player, that hasn't worked out percentages yet calls or raises and the cards you never would have seen, come out in their favour.

      I am not sure if other people have thought like this, i am sure they probably have.
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    • hackbinder
      Joined: 15.05.2009 Posts: 618
      I recently moved my roll to a new site, and I have been getting destroyed. I just cannot seem to win a crucial hand, and when I am close to making a profitable session, I get my aces cracked by J2.

      My last 3000 hands have been like this since I moved my roll. Of course, one thinks about a little demon in the software out to get you. It is natural to put the blame on something when things don't go your way. I am reminded of something the ancient philosopher Epictetus said (I am paraphrasing only slightly because I don't remember the EXACT wording)...

      To blame others is a sign of a lack of education. To blame yourself is a sign that your education has begun. To blame nothing is a sign that your education is complete.

      He was a "stoic" philosopher who, in a nutshell, said that there is no point trying to change things that are outside your control. Once you hit all in and you are a fave to win the hand, whatever happens after that is not under your control, so there is no point trying to wish that god, the software, etc etc, does anything other than what it does, whether that be you winning the pot, or someone else winning it.

      What is under your control is the play before the all in is hit. That's it. Everything that comes after does not matter because it is not under your control.

      I recommend reading "The Manual" by Epictetus.

      Everything I've written though, is very easy to say, very difficult to put into practice because our minds demand concrete reasons for things when they go wrong. "Variance", "luck", "chaos", "randomness" are concepts that are too hazy to give us consolation when things go wrong despite our best efforts. In fact, in these situations, "God hates me" or "the software hates me" provide much better consolation because at least HATE is a concept that is more concrete and human than "variance", "luck", "chaos" and "random".

      Abstract concepts do not provide consolation for concrete losses.

      Wow, I think that is a great little quote!
    • clawindsouza
      Joined: 08.12.2009 Posts: 7,085
      I understand that u think poker is rigged...our diamond member supeyrio understands that every player goes through this and in this link he explains what exactly he thinks you should do:)
      im just kidding:D i think its rigged too

      but in my favour :s_evil:
    • andrewkd
      Joined: 20.11.2008 Posts: 108
      Sorry, do you read that as i think poker is rigged?

      If you do, that is so far from it, it isn't funny!! I doin't belive poker is rigged, i was just thinking back to something that happened with myself that may have had the other guy believe that poker was rigged and i was trying to work out if maybe the reason that people beleive that poker is rigged is because of the other person playing bad and rather than folding a hand which they should have, they play it out and the cards fall in their favour.

      @hackbinder, going to try and find a copy of that. Love reading things like that. cheers.