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8 positions till bubble

    • craigjo
      Joined: 21.03.2011 Posts: 63
      Hi guys/girls

      was playing 888 £35,000 chalange last night, need some consolidating and any opinions you may have

      I came 148 out of 1000 plus top 140 got paid. There was 2 hands id like opinions on,

      1st hero bb A8 30000 chips blinds 800/1600 all other possition fold, cut of has 45000 raises 3200 i rr 9000, he pushes so i fold, should i of pushed to his raise or folded the blind

      2nd hero utg2 14000 AKs, 8 more people till bubble. blinds 1200/2400. utg1 r 5000 i push lost to AQo. ahh i dont get paid. should i of risked not getting paid on this hand so close to the bubble and had 8 blinds left
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    • Classified181
      Joined: 22.03.2011 Posts: 111
      On the first hand, it would totally depend on my knowledge and read on the opponent (cutoff player). If i thought i was ahead of most of his raise range, id be shoving, dont like the raise you made at all and otherwise just fold it pre.

      With the second ofc its a insta shove, you play tourneys to win, not scrape through the bubble and min cash.
    • craigjo
      Joined: 21.03.2011 Posts: 63
      thanx i didnt like the raise after i made it should of been a push or fold situation, cut off wah been quite loose because of his stack so probably was ahead but didnt want to risk the tourniment on a weekish A.
      The last hand i think i was almost elimenated and would of preferd a sweet pay 5 x buy in than sweet fa
    • LONGPLAY66
      Joined: 17.05.2009 Posts: 228
      depends how quickly people were getting knocked out,if it was the case that 8 more people would be knocked out in say the next 6 minutes then you can sit there for 1 rotation and let the blinds go through you once thus guaranteeing your cash and having pretty much the same stack to come out fighting with post bubble.
    • MatejM47
      Joined: 21.01.2010 Posts: 1,193
      Well your goal in MTT isn't to mincash in it, but to win it so folding AK pre is pretty much horrible.

      As for A8s hand, you have to call his shove after your 3-bet since you get the odds to call with whats at least 30% equity in that spot considering the blinds+anties so if your not calling in this spot you should be folding or pushing it.