im kinda stuck

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      Hello, i've been playing poker for almost 2 years now, my first 4 months i went broke like 4 times then in september 09 i started again (the 5th time) with 5$ and i decided that i will never go broke again and so i did, after that my next year of poker was on and off was playing for 2 months then going tilled @ withdrawing most of my bankroll leaving like 50$ and quiting for a couple of months or so then restart (the good thing was that i wasnt spuing my bankroll anymore i was just getting the money) then in september 10 like i did in september 09 i made a big decision, i decided that i will keep playing no matter what happends, and so i find my self on the 8th concecutive profitable month:
      september; 1175$
      october; 540$
      november; 640$
      december; 667$
      january; 823$
      february; 573$
      march; 917$
      april; 490$ (at this point)
      Now my problem is that i want more from poker and i know i can do more but i got too used to the "rutine" of not having to do much and get some money.... i dont know how to explain it but im at the point where i should not wait for the next semptember to take the next step.... i dont even know why i post this but i need to tell someone who maybe understands....

      sorry for my bad english, waiting for some thoughts.
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    • Mcute
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      Yeah, I know what you are talking about. When everything is going well, and I’m constantly wining money, I think that poker is very easy way of money, and I forget about learning. But when downswing starts, I start to read, and watch videos about poker again. So I can’t help you, but can encourage you, to run out of the routine and take a step now ;)
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      You could set yourself a few things to help improve yourself

      my current goal is learning about hem stats, I try to aim to improve a little everday even if it is only very small steps

      Roo :P