Roll from rakeback?

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      Hi everyone. My name is Simon and I've been playing sng's badly for a couple of years now and was about to quit poker completely when I saw the take 2 promotion on fulltilt and thought it would be a good idea to complete this promotion first then withdraw my roll.
      After withdrawing i was left with about $0.50 in my account until yesterday when i was checking my email and noticed that pokerstrategy had kindly given me $1.45 in rakeback. When I logged into fulltilt to donk off this free money I was offered a bouns of $50 which would be released in $5 chunks for 125 fulltilit points each. Thats when I had the idea of trying to build a bankroll with my rakeback. Whats the worst that could happen? I lose the $2 I would have not had anyway?
      I played about an hour last night and and hour this morning. Last night I played nl2 shallow tables and some again this morning in addition to about 150 hands of nl5 rush. Here is a graph of my results so far.

      Starting BR $2
      Current BR $5.53

      I've decided I'm going to stick to nl2 shallow stack tables which gives me about 7 buyins. I'm going to avoid playing rush mainly because i'm 99% certain I'll end up bust by the end of the week and I only have <3 buyins.

      In 122 hands of nl2 I'd made 1.48 fulltilt points which is about 0.0121 points per hand so I'm looking at 125\0.0121 = 10000 hands to clear my first $5 of bonus! This may take a while!

      I probably won't manage more than 10 hours a week, 2 tableing to start with. I'll increase to 4 tables if i reach 10 buyins.

      Wish me luck, I'm going to need it.
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