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Hello, my name is Mantas.

I've been playing poker for years now, however grinding the stakes I lack motivation in. I dont have the bankroll needed to keep me on the top of my game all the time at the lower stakes. The background of my start was homegames which immo were and still are (although very rarely now) very competitive and skilled.

I know it is not the right thing to do in the staking forums, but I have a tilt issue, which, I know, comes from the motivational factor - I just cant keep myself together if I spend the day grinding ~5$ sngs and after hitting a downswing find myself in a loss, however, I am a big believer in myself. I have the discipline if I am in a spot of big responsibility and I dont lack any confidence then.

I do not have any graphs from HEM, but feel free to check me up on sharkscope under the aliases mntooz (ps) and vekatie (ftp). Making a comment on the graphs, all I can say for myself is that Ive been completely honest - I usually consistently make profit if i have the motivation to do so in the lower stakes, however splash away my bankroll when the motivations out of the window in the higher ones.

I currently took some time off poker and been studying for my exams that come within a month. So if any deal were to be made, I would put little volume in the following month and a half, would just try to remember what I had and put an hour or so of play every day if possible, but would seriously grind it up in the summer.

So if anyone is interested, I have no shame or whatsoever in a showdown of my skills and a chat over skype or msn answering your questions.

To sum up, there is a big ego in my mind which drives me and with the help of an outsider, I think I could make both mine and your life a couple of bucks richer.